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Christmas tree fully was simply atrocious atrocious form however this is often a decent sign thus yea I Mainean this is often what we glance foras investors absolutely and once we tend to gotall this uncovered the decking was inreally fine condition this structurally itwas in fine condition the UM the railingsnow those were a distinct storyso we will keep the last decade however therailings need to go and that we have toreplace those in order that answered 2 ofthose queries for US and solely insidehere this was the room on everykitchen during this neighborhood generallylooked a bit like this I even have no plan whythey would even hassle what was the 70swell it absolutely was a lot of sort of a thuslitaryconfinement cell you asked me um it wasthis whole home is an excellent example ofan amazing plan being poorlyutilized the waster house actually makesthe house look tinyer than what it wasum however the room had many floorspace however the cupboards and also the counterspace being so small and also the wallsblocking it in and also the poor lighting itmade it simply shrinkthis immense window on this one wall andcompletely wasted house thereon wall there was no purpose in this.

And the landholder did not have the money toput it in liveable condition he hadbeen bit by bit simply doing less and lessand and he would um realize a lower qualityof tenant and charge less quantity untilfinallythere was simply nothing left he'd simplyrun all the life out of this poor littlehouse that he might probably realize andthere there he's truly yea there'sthe landholder as we tend to're taking over actuallyI suppose I took this image andlandlords simply standing there all rightyou apprehend let's go hopefully you are goingto obtain this house which ultimatelyyou apprehend we're progressing to get a betterdeal that approach however we even have to takein thought the quantity of labor butalso the quantity of your time with this rightone of the items that I needed to talkto you concerning since this is often aboutdesigning um we'll return here and I'mgoing to use my pointer here this vogueof home is extremely common within the 70s thesplit-level it had the overhang for noreally reason I ne'er did understandthat style the massive outsized windowsjust enveloped the house and this righthere is one among my pet peeves why botherputting a aspect lightweight on one aspect and notthe alternative to Maine it just throws the wholehouse off-balance uh in order that clearly was one among the primary things I required toget obviate for private reasons.

So 1stthings first we tend to had to really place akitchen in there i am swing additionalcabinets and truly we tend to're progressing to adda bar associated it makes it seem tonslarger there i'm truly thanks Chrisfor that image um the word wall yetwhat we're gonna do here just thus peoplecan see you'll see the holes in thewall with thusnny's pink sledgehammer isthat we're actually progressing to take partof this wall bent open the room soit's progressing to offer a more kind ofwider open room it feels larger thereare a lot of functions behind this and inthe image to the left you'll see theback door to the left of that's thatwall we're progressing to remove as wellthis was progressing to expand the kitchenwithout actually increasing the squarefootage of the property so this is often goingto we understood stepping into this was goingto be an enormous point for peoplejust reconfiguring this 2 areastotally modified the total feel of thehouse and and girls as an aside if youhave pink tools they are less doubtless towalk away simply simply a bit rehab tipbig strapping men hate to choose up I even useor borrow your pretty pink tools it's funny.

Now one among the items here is that front room and also the front doorentry the image to the correct rightthis is that this is the front and actuallythere square Maineasure 2 things conjure for that Iwant to speak to you concerning here there'sone room after I same incorporating yourexisting components once you style whenyou decide the way to design a house thebeams during this house ar the premise for mydecision to show the split-level into acraftsman the 70s era beams can add tothe feel of the housesame by US adding the correct toucheswhere we tend to replace the items that need togo just like the floors and also the windows withwith a mode that's progressing to offer itmore of that cottage theme however thosebeams are literally what helped me decidewe're progressing to turn it into the craftwell use you say craftsman except for a lotof individuals perhaps simply obtaining startedmay not perceive what which means whatdo you mean by a craftsman vogue and whydid you decide on going Craftsman style inmaybe this explicit neighborhood umwell this house often because of itsinitial style and since of all the money that we tend to were progressing to have to pay simply obtaining it into liveable form.

I extremely required to not pay any longer on style them than I had to thusthe basic layout and also the beams and also thethings that we tend to had to interchange i am goingto come in that ar a number of the factorsthat cost-effectively we tend to might amendment itinto this Craftsman vogue um versus likea Victorian or a Spanish villa orcoastal factor you truly got to knowand have a minimum of a rough understandingof beaux arts designs andwhat's fashionable for your space um whenyou're progressing to decide what to try to to toevery model a decent thing to try to to is take alook around and see what is sellingwhat's hot what is widespread right then inyour ara that is your competition sothat's however you incorporate your newdesign components that is however one among theways that you simply decide here's a greatpicture of the beans umthese truly ar foam beamsthat's right bone beams not wood andmost individuals once they get in and remodeland there ar many those that areremodeling homes within the neighborhoodthey'll get in and they will take those outand they will keep the domed ceiling andthey'll amendment things currentlythe reason i made a decision to stay these isbecause the ceilings we tend tore really goodshape and if we were progressing to take thebeams down that will create a lot of work forus having to repair wherever the beams wereand and the texture would need to beredone within the ceiling so it absolutely was reallybest to stay those as a result of they were ingood form and incorporate those intothe design part instead of createmore work by repairing a ceiling thatdidn't got to be repaired now whenyou're staring at these beams are youthinking immediately hey i like this coloror do i would like to vary the colour do Ipaint them why do I keep them woodlooking well I mean quite offer youknow everyone here some plan what areyou actually thinking once you see these beams besides hey perhaps we'll flip thisinto a Craftsman style let's keep what'salready here.

The factthat it did not have a construction it absolutely was simplyStreet read was altogether altogether unhappy andneglected the gutters that um this was agood spot right here to appear up thegutters we tend tore declension and completelyworthless the roof was on the brink of fall inthere's simply extremely not a full ton tosee that you simply might save with this housebut you've got to appear nearer and be ableto look and say what will we keep and youlook at and say well everything's got Togolese Republic however if we glance closely the siding wasactually during a dedicated form um therewere just a couple of spots wherever it came downa bit as well as closeto the roof and that we just did a littlesimple repair once we had the roofredone and also the siding was in nice shapenow the windows um they were obviouslytoo massive and same we'd bust it outthat's one among the items that you simply findin these homes windows typically ar thefirst things that you simply need to replacethis right here um tons of individuals seethis they same wow that is a that is adifferent quite curtilage with adifferent quite fence well that is nota curtilage that is truly the deck andit's concerning 3 feet off the bottom butit was coated by concerning eighteen inches ofpine and oak leaves and everything aliveeven although the previous tenants leftover.

When you come in theinspection of those properties clearlyyou're quite evaluating all of thesethings beforehand before we tend to even creatingan supply thus you wish to have faith inobviously the key items here thesewhat you decision mechanics of the propertytake that in thought with you knowthe price that is right it's truly thefirst the look method beginsbefore you even create a proposal these arpart of all yea these these ar thingsthat we tend to walk into associated suppose about whenyou name these massive image itemsand then you are additionally pondering howeverare we tend to however we're progressing to design thisor is it a design how can we enhancethe the property we've got before of usright the items that you simply are progressing touse to form your budget you furthermore mght useto incorporate into your design and whatyou're going to amendment we will startright here with this house um it absolutely was insuper super unhappy form i used to be a drug ratedproperty it absolutely was a tired landholder terriblydistressed property the owner justreally could not afford to place abundant intothe property whereas he was running it ifyou cannot put abundant into the property youcan't rent it for the maximum amount that the qualityof tenant went down that he wouldn'tget paid and he would lose cash thus it'sa very distressed scenario right I wasall bent seventy split-level and had beendrug able to write the house was um thehouse itself was uninterested in stressed.

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